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How To Use Our Hail Damage Repair Cost Calculator.

hail damage repair cost calculator


Let’s get into these questions and find some answers.

1. Will car insurance cover hail damage?

Most insurance companies cover hail damage to your automobile if you maintain a comprehensive policy. Hail is typically considered an act of God and no fault of your. Check your policy to see if you have comprehensive.

2. Do I have enough damage to justify filing a hail claim?

If the damage totalisn’t very high. Often, they simply pay out of pocket.

Here is where we tell you to use our free hail calculator as it will give you exceeds your deductible amount then, yes. Your policy will list your deductible responsibility for comprehensive coverage. Many people will not even file a claim if the amount they will be compensated  a general dollar amount of repair costs. It’s free, there is no obligation and you will have cost amount displayed without giving up any personal information.

3. Should I just head over to the body shop and let them write an estimate?

You certainly can.

But there are a number of factors here that can complicate this process. If its a large storm, oftentimes auto body shops are backed up for weeks, if not months for ESTIMATES. Many shops will throw a very watered down estimate at you because they aren’t really worried about accuracy until you drop it off.

4. Do I call my insurance company right away?

We suggest you hold for a day or two and use our app first. Why? You may not even have enough damage to justify a claim.

Do yourself a favor and jot down the date of the storm and location of the vehicle when it was damaged, as these things will be asked by the representative.

If you do want to call your insurance company, we have a CLICK-TO-CALL list of the top 50 insurers by market share on our site.

5. How long do I have to call them and file a claim, if I choose to?

Every insurance company has different policies regarding this. USAA honors claims filed years post storm, and some only allow 6 months. Look into your policy to find out.

6. Is it worth fixing hail damage on a car?

This answer is really about whether you want to or not. Is there enough hail damage to exceed your deductible? Do you want to go throught the claim process? Are you ever selling your car? Will the damage potentially total your car?

7. How much does it cost to fix hail damage?

According to STATE FARM, in 2022 the average claim was OVER $5000. Ever vehicle is different and again, it’s why we suggest using our hail damage cost calculator. You can find out how much the cost of repair will be before you move on filing a claim.

8. Will the hail damage repair total my car?

This depends on a few factors. 1. How much is the vehicle worth? Check out JD Powers for vehicle value. 2. Your insurance company has a Total Loss Threshold. Each state has different laws regarding how insurers can determine total loss, so look into this if you are concerned.

This is another very important reason to use our hail damage calculator to determine the hail damage repair price. If you know what the total loss dollar amount is, you can find the cost to fix hail damage with our calculator. Go here for the calculator.

9. Why use your “hail damage repair cost calculator”?
  • Itemized Repair Lists: Provides a comprehensive breakdown of each repair needed, along with estimated costs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, allowing anyone to navigate and input data effortlessly.
  • Estimate Accuracy: Offers quick and accurate estimate based on up-to-date repair cost data (that we’ve generalized to handle the 100s of different makes’ and models’ myriad of different parts pricing) along with the data you input.
  • Cumulative Total: Each estimate provides a cumulative total displayed.
  • Benefits: Informed decision making, cost-effectiveness, control and clarity, and time-saving capabilities.
  • Free, no obligation: There is NO obligation, NO email required, NO Phone number required, NO data sharing happens when you use our free calculator.
  • Auto Body Shop Software Estimate: We also provide an option to obtain a professional estimate using industry-recognized body shop software for a fee as well as a free option. Go to the number 1 hail damage cost calculator on the internet to see offer.

At Hail Est, our goal is to provide a viable solution that educates owners of vehicles damaged by hail. The calculator is free to use and gives every owner who uses it the knowledge they need to navigate the hail damage claim and estimate process