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Should I file a hail claim?

“Should I file a hail claim against my insurance policy?” If you aren’t sure, follow this guide.

  1. Do you have full coverage? (Read our article on does my insurance cover hail damage?)
    • Yes, go to #2.
    • No, do not file as there will be no compensation.
  2. How much is your deductible? Once you know the deductible amount; ask if the damage is higher than your deductible? (Use our hail damage repair cost calculator to see costs!)
    • Yes, go to #3.
    • No, there is no need to file.
  3. How to get an accurate hail damage cost estimate:
    • 1. Use our free app (along with our kit) to document your damage.
    • 2. The app provides a FREE list of approximate cost of hail damage repair. -OR-
    • 3. You can request we write you an estimate from the data you provided.
      • Hail Est’s owner has almost 30 years of auto hail damage repair estimate writing experience.
      • He has repaired over 17,000 vehicles with paintless dent repair.
      • The software we use is one of the big three auto body software companies software. The more accurate your data input, the more accurate our estimate it.
  4. FILE A CLAIM. Contact your insurance company with the: Date of loss, location of vehicle when damage occurred, and policy number. (Here’s a list of the top insurance companies by market share, and their Phone numbers.
  5. Hail damage effects more than the look of your vehicle:
    • There is a dollar to dollar (accurate cost estimate) loss in value while hail damage exists.
    • Policies DO GO UP in areas where hail damage frequents. Not due to your claim alone, but a volume of claims in an area.
    • Please read below for more information on how not repairing your vehicle can impact value.
    • If you do file a hail damage claim, understand insurance companies provide reciprocity to other insurers.
file a hail damage repair claim

If you file an insurance claim, a few factors to consider:

Addressing Hail Damage on Your Vehicle – A Critical Analysis of Its Impact on Car Value

Introduction: Hail damage presents a significant challenge for vehicle owners, especially in regions notorious for harsh weather conditions. Making an informed decision to address hail damage is pivotal, considering factors such as the damage severity, insurance implications, and the inherent value of the vehicle.

Factors Influencing Vehicle Value Post-Hail Damage

Damage Severity
: The scale of the hail impact plays a crucial role. While minor cosmetic blemishes might negligibly affect the vehicle’s worth, extensive damage can drastically diminish its value.

Insurance Dynamics: While comprehensive insurance might cover repairs, it’s imperative to balance the deductible costs and the potential rise in premium rates.

Resale Concerns: Vehicles repaired post-hail damage often bear a stigma in the resale market, possibly lowering their desirability compared to undamaged counterparts. Here’s a great article by Maaco about the value of your car after it sustains hail damage.

should I file a hail damage claim

The Consequences of Neglecting Hail Damage Repair on Vehicle Value

Trade-in Devaluation:
Vehicles bearing the scars of hail damage tend to fetch significantly lower trade-in values.

Marketability: The presence of unaddressed hail damage can severely dampen a car’s market appeal, adversely affecting its resale value.

Post hail accidents: If you fail to repair your vehicle (after being compensated for the hail damage sustained, insurers tend to NOT repair any panel you were paid previously on.

Repair Obligations: Selling a car with existing hail damage transfers the burden of repair to the new owner, potentially reducing the vehicle’s worth due to anticipated repair expenses.

Critical Considerations for Hail Damage Repair Decisions

Repair Expenditure
: It’s essential to judiciously evaluate the repair costs against the likely depreciation if the damage remains unaddressed.

Insurance Considerations: Analyze the financial implications of your insurance policy, including deductible costs and the potential for increased premiums.

Vehicle’s Age and Pre-existing Condition: The decision may vary for older models or those with prior damage; the value increment post-repair could be marginal.

Personal Priorities: Vehicle owners must balance their preference for maintaining aesthetic perfection against practical considerations like functionality and reliability.

Total Loss: The hail damage sustained may cause a vehicle to move to total loss. If this happens, you could lose your vehicle to the insurance company.


Deciding whether to repair hail damage demands a meticulous assessment of various factors impacting your vehicle’s value, whether your car insurance cover hail damage, and personal priorities. In certain scenarios, the cost of repair might outweigh the benefits, while in others, addressing the damage is crucial to preserving the vehicle’s worth and attractiveness in the market. This decision should not be taken lightly, as it holds substantial implications for your vehicle’s financial and functional value.

Using our Hail Est hail damage repair cost calculator can help you understand your position with a lot more clarity. Having an estimated price in hand will help you determine if you want to file the claim (the reasons not to include a potential total loss or not enough damage to surpass your deductible) and simply give you leverage when dealing with an adjuster who isn’t playing fair.