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About Us

About Us- Our Owner has nearly 30 years of Automotive Hail Repair Experience.

1. Over 20k vehicles repaired with paintless dent repair.
2. Over 15k estimates written within the autobody industry.
3. Over 3k supplements issued.
4. Experienced with CCC1, Audatex and Mitchell body shop software.
5. Understands negotiating with Insurance Adjusters/Estimators.

Veteran Owned and Operated.

Our owners served in the US Army and the US Marines.
A percentage of all profit is
donated to supporting our Veterans.

About us - a deeper dive on our "WHY."

About us and our #1 Powerful Reason we created Hail EST:

Over the last 29 years of repairing hail damaged vehicles with paintless dent repair we have noticed several tactics insurance companies were using that, we believe, were intended to save them money.

As opposed to supporting you.


To emphasize our point, the following quote is from an article from Repairer Driven News and claims almost 61% of all estimates need a supplement and that they account for almost 19% of the total estimate….  “Reinforcing the last point here, we should also point out that initial estimates are incomplete the majority of the time. CCC data found 60.9 percent of repairable vehicle claims in 2020 had supplements, typically representing 18.7 percent of the repair cost. The average repair bill was $3,421, which means the initial estimate on average missed $640 worth of damage.”

Hail estimate about us and why

Our time writing estimates as well as creating supplements (when we have to issue an “UPDATED ESTIMATE” with additional costs) showed us that over 80% of estimates our companies had received from INSURANCE companies’ adjusters were significantly lower than they should have been. Rather than compensate you fairly for your hail damage repair claim, they simply deployed several tactics to avoid paying the “FAIR AND USUAL” amount.

Some of these tactics included:

ASKING YOU TO USE THEIR ONLINE REPORTING APP.  Often they would have our clients look over their own vehicle and then report “what they see” on the app.  FULL TIME HAIL TECHS use specialized lighting to accurately assess the damage, how is someone who has no experience going to identify the proper dent counts and sizes?

WRITING A LOW INITIAL ESTIMATE. And sending you a check, hoping you cash out.  The insurance companies have done their due diligence on how many insured will take their hail estimate check and cash it, then not repair.  Some have claimed this is over 50%.  At one storm in a town of 75k we projected over 10000 vehicles were damaged by hail. The average claim was $7500.  The average estimate written by insurance companies was only $3500.  Multiply 5000 vehicles by $4000.00.  That equates to 2 million dollars the insurance company “saved” by not compensating fairly.

LOOKING AT THE VEHICLE IN YOUR YARD. There were very few estimates written by insurance companies that were anywhere near the proper compensation.  Many of these were because they purposely look at them outside, in the direct sunlight.  The sun “bleaches out” the damage, making it harder to see. Since the initial inspection is only an “estimate”, they get away with it.

This led us to create our online hail damage calculator app, HAIL EST.

We want you to possess a tool that will give you an unbiased, AS CLOSE TO ACCURATE as possible, way of knowing what your hail damage compensation should be.

This information is valuable for a few reasons.

Do you have enough damage to file a claim?

And if you do have enough hail damage to file a claim, what is the real amount?

Both of those questions are answered by using our online hail damage repair cost calculator.